Frac Sand / Fluid Bed Dryer Systems




Welcome to STARKAIRE, manufacturer of Frac Sand / Fluid Bed Dryer Systems for over 40 Years. The FLUID BED SYSTEM dries and cools industrial minerals and chemicals by lifting and supporting a bed of particulate solids on upward flowing gas, directed to the mass of material through an air distribution grid. Moisture is removed by evaporation to the surrounding air stream. Under these controlled conditions created in the system. particulate materials flow and behave like a liquid, seeking their own level and flowing through the system. Cooling is achieved by ambient air and evaporation which carry away heat.

System Feature

Rigid construction -- 1/4 " plate vs. 10 ga.

Extensive use of stainless and AR steels minimize wear and heat distortion.

Large capacity motors, fans and dust collection equipment operate at low stress and greater operating range.

Sectioned grid plates wedge-mounted to "float" yet seal completely so products does not leak through.

Heavy grid support beams, hold down bars and inverted angle design minimize heat distortion and warpage.


Starkaire Systems applied successfully to:

Aluminum Dross "Granular" Chemicals Power Plant Slag
Aragonite Heavy Minerals Quartzite
Barytes Kyanite Roofing Granules
Calcium Carbonate Limestone Sand
Feldspar Phosphate Concentrates Silica Sand


Contact Information

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